• Articulation - A gentle movement between two surfaces i.e. movement within joints.


  • Manipulation - High velocity thrust & Low velocity thrust techniques (HVT/LVT) are techniques commonly associated by the "Cracking noise or Popping noise". The noise is produced from an accumulation of Nitrogen gas between two joint surfaces and on release, the gas escapes producing an audible sound.


  • Muscle energy techniques are used to strengthen and lengthen muscle fibres.


  • Proprioceptive techniques are used to encourage and enhance the nervous system.


  • Soft tissue techniques there are varied names for each individual technique however the aim of the techniques are to encourage blood flow and repair.


  • Active movement - A movement in which you (the Patient/Client) actively do/ achieve, a voluntary movement.


  • Acute - Sudden incidence usually associated with sports injury and accidents.


  • Chronic - Ongoing Conditions, various time frames depending on the tissues involved and previous type of injury.


  • Facet - a bony prominence located within a vertebral segment, which directs and aids movement in a specific direction.


  • Muscle cramp - an involuntary and forcibly contracted muscle which does not relax, a muscle which sustains a spasm can progress into cramp.


  • Muscle spasm - A muscle which involuntary contracts without you consciously willing.


  • Musculoskeletal - the system of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints and associated tissues in which cause movement and maintain the body.


  • Passive movement - The practitioner applies or directs movement into an area, its involuntary movement.